308: How To Break Through Budget Objections With John Barrows

John Barrows is the sales trainer the worlds fastest growing companies call when they want to accelerate their growth even faster.

On today’s episode of The Salesman Podcast John shares how we can smash through budget objections or better yet, take them off the table completely.

301: How To Change Yourself To Influence Others In Sales With Paul Adamson

Paul Adamson is a Motivational Sales Keynote Speaker and all round great guy. As I mentioned in episode 300 of The Salesman Podcast, I’ve taken more away from my conversations with Paul over the past year than from any other guest who has come on the show.

On this episode Paul is explaining how we can shake ourselves up and in turn have the influence we want to have on others.

299: What Is A Complex Sale? And How Do You Win One? With Brian Burns

Brian Burns is the host of “The B2B Revenue Leadership Show”​, “The Brutal Truth about Sales & Selling”​ and “Sales Questions”​ podasts.

In this episode of the Salesman Podcast Brian is explaining what the complex sale actually is, why we should be searching for sales jobs that involve them and how to win them.

285: Do GIVERS Or TAKERS Win In Sales Over The Long Run? With Adam Grant

Adam Grant is a Wharton professor, New York Times bestselling author and what makes him special for us is that he has also worked in sales.

In this episode Adam explains who wins over the long term of a career (rather than a random individual deal) – Givers, Takers or the people in the middle…

281: In 2017, Is Linkedin Still The Best Sales Tool Out There? With Viveka von Rosen

Viveka von Rosen is one of the worlds leading Linkedin experts and on today’s show she’s answering one main question – Is Linkedin still the best sales tool out there?

What you will learn in this episode:
Viveka shares why Linkedin is still the king of social selling but that Facebook have their eye on the prize plus loads more –

Why you should be paying for Sales Navigator (even if it’s out of your own pocket)
The personal branding steps you should be taking to have success on Linkedin
How the Linkedin app has evolved and why they want you to spend more time within it

280: How To Change Peoples Minds (Needs, Beliefs, Evolution And More) With David Straker

David Straker is one of the worlds leading experts on changing minds. On this episode we dive deep into how we make decisions and the process of unravelling them so they can be changed.

What you will learn in this episode:
Dave shares how decision making hasn’t really changed since humans lived in tribes and –

Why the basic human needs drive everything that you do
How your subconscious is calling the shots even if you think you are
The power of being able to influence others (from sales to politics…)

How to Sell With EASE (The 4x Steps To Every Deal) With Chris Murray

Chris Murray is a sales expert and author of the book “Selling with Ease: The 4 Step Sales Cycle Found in Every Successful Business Transaction”.

On this episode of the podcast Chris is explaining the 4x steps that we have to go through to close any B2B deal, big or small.

279: How To Be More Confident When Selling (One Simple Trick…) With Bill Caskey

Bill Caskey is a world leading sales expert and host of The Advanced Selling Podcast (a show that I’ve personally listened to for years).

On this episode Bill explains exactly what confidence in sales is and the quickest way to get more of it.

What you will learn in this episode:

Bill shares how you can become more confident by focusing on the customers rather than on your commission bonus and –

Why the loud, angry, pushy salesperson isn’t the most confident salesperson
Which is more important the inner game or things like body language and projecting your voice to make you look confident?
How to put sales into context (it’s not life or death… relax a little)

278: How To Get Past The Gatekeeper (On The Phone, Over Email And More…) With Ali Mirza

Ali Mirza is a management consultant and sales expert. On this epsiode of the salesman podcast Ali explains who the gatekeeper actually is and how you can get past them.

What you will learn in this episode:

Ali shares that the gatekeeper isn’t always who you first think it is and more –

The exact phone script to dodge a gatekeeper
Why most gatekeepers are not the stereotype of the secretary screening calls for the CEO
How to use the gatekeeper to help you win the business

277: How Win At Qualifying New Business (It’s A Mindset NOT A Process!) With Sean Burke

Sean Burke is the CEO of Kitedesk and has a really unique angle on the idea of qualifying new business.

Why not reach out and give people the opportunity to care about us rather than spamming them with templated crappy emails or cold calls…?

What you will learn in this episode:

Sean shares that qualifying new business isn’t just a process it’s a mindset. Additionally he explains –
Why most salespeople suck at qualification
That you shouldn’t just give out free industry consultation sessions to anyone that asks
A bunch of examples of how you can “add value” to the C-suite

276: How To Get ATTENTION In Sales (By Selling With Insights) With Michael Harris

Michael Harris is the CEO of Insight Demand and on today’s episode he shows #SalesNation how to deliver insights to customers so they can break through the noise in the internet age of selling.

What you will learn in this episode:

You’ll learn what real sales insights (that a customer actually cares about) are but also –

What a “sales winner” is and how to become one
Where you should start if you’d like to incorporate insight selling into your sales process
The power of selling with stories

275: How To Coach YOURSELF To HUGE Sales Success With Rob Jeppsen

Rob Jeppsen is a sales coaching expert and he blew my mind with both the simplicity and depth of this coaching methodology in this episode.

What you will learn in this episode:

Rob starts this episode by explaining what a coach actually is (it’s probably not your sales manager…) and then goes on to share –
How to find a sales mentor
Why process is everything in sales
How to set more intelligent goals than “I’m going to smash my target”

274: Why “Customer Success” Is the Future Of Sales With Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy is the worlds leading customer success expert (he literally wrote the book on the topic). On today’s episode of the Salesman Podcast Lincoln explains why customer success is so important to the personal success of Sales Nation.

What you will learn in this episode:

Lincoln starts this episode by explaining what “customer success” actually means then we dive into –

Why the marketing has made this a priority that leads to business success
How we question a potential prospect to find out what success really means for them

269: 2017 Sales Industry Trends You Need To Be On Top Of With Max Altschuler

Max Altschuler is the CEO of Sales Hacker and is deep in the behind the scenes of what’s going on in the sales industry

On today’s episode of the Salesman Podcast Max shares some of the top sales industry trends of 2017 so you can get a head of the game and look smart in front of your sales management and leadership.

268: How To MASTER The Negotiation Process With Simon Horton

Simon Horton is a negotiation expert who has trained everyone from hostage negotiators to the C-suite of the worlds biggest brands. On today’s episode of the Salesman Podcast Simon drills down into the specific skills sales professionals need to create win-win scenarios in all of their negations with buyers.

258: Do You Have The Traits Of A CRAZY Successful Salesperson? With Scott Ingram

Scott Ingram is the host of the Sales Success Stories Podcast and on today’s episode I’m asking about the similarities between the top sales performers he interviews on his show.

I wanted to find out if there were any stand out traits that the worlds leading sales reps have, so that we can then look at how we can implement these traits into our game too.

257: How to Create A CRAZY SUCCESSFUL Sales Pitch With John Livesay

John Livesay is a pitching expert and he joins me on today’s show to share where salespeople and entrepreneurs go wrong when pitching for new business.

Then he lays on the value by dispelling a bunch of pitching myths and wraps up the show by giving us a simple sales pitching structure that is crazy effective.

254: Should Sales Professionals Have a Sales Assistant? With Eric Taussig

Today’s guest is Eric Taussig, CEO of Prialto who provide executive assistants for sales professionals and that is exactly we’re talking about on today’s episode of the show.

I ask Eric if we sales professionals need more software tools or could we really benefit from a real life assistant?

248: Turns Out Marketing Can Help Smash YOUR Sales Targets, This Is How… With Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis has a passion for aligning sales and marketing teams to increase their effectiveness at driving revenue. He joins me on today’s show to share two things –

What exactly marketing can do for us, the information we can ask them for and how (selfishly) they can directly support us in prospecting.
Jeff also gives a fascinating overview of what marketing are doing that sales are simply just not aware of. HINT: They’re helping you close deals!

246: The Habits Of Successful Salespeople With Victor Antonio

Victor Antiono is a world renowned selling expert and joins me on today’s show to share the success habits of the worlds top sales people.

We cover sales presentations, why you should perhaps ignore your sales leadership and much more.

Q/A – Why No Recent Episodes?! Mentors VS Hustle And More

On this Q/A episode of the Salesman Podcast I answer the following questions –

Why no recent uploads? Are you OK?!
Which is more important, mentoring, hustle or just pure sales skill?
My brain is revved up and ready to sell each and every morning but my body feels sluggish and I just don’t have that physical energy to get stuff done. How can I improve this?