We Bet You Can’t Name All Of These Leading Sales Experts?

Sales training is a $2 BILLION dollars a year industry in the US alone.

These are some of the world's leading sales trainers that have written best selling books, spoke to thousands of people at conferences and we bet you can't name half of them.

What does that say about the sales training industry?
Dr. Tony Alessandra
Dr. Terry Alexanda
Mark Bennett
Marc Benioff
Alessia Dalitso
Trish Bertuzzi
Jeffrey Gitomer
Jerald Greer
Jill Konrath
Judy Hardy
John Henry
Jim Cathcart
Geoffrey James
Jonathan Welch
Dan McDade
Ian Baker
Ted Meerman Johnston
David Meerman Scott
Daniel Brown
Daniel Pink
Nick Bowen
Tom Searcy
We Bet You Can't Name All Of These Leading Sales Experts?
WOW! You know your experts!
We're genuinely impressed. We're assuming you're a sales expert yourself or your currently positioning yourself to become one.
We Bet You Can't Name All Of These Leading Sales Experts?
Bad luck!
I guess you're spending your time selling rather than reading, learning and developing.

Will Barron is the founder of Salesman.Red and host of the Salesman Podcast where he entertains hundreds of thousands of millennial salespeople every month. If he isn't recording or editing shows he's racing his RX8 or riding bicycles down mountains.

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